Owner Naresh Govender was first exposed to the garage door industry in  the early 90’s.In 1997 he moved to Richards Bay in the KZN north coast. In 2005 he went on his own venture and later manufacturing of their own products. Having worked for a national corporate company, Govender received extensive training and exposure to customer service and quality control, which has successfully been instilled in RBdoors. RBdoors is self managed by Govender, from ordering of raw materials, to manufacturing and finally being installed to the end user-and that together with our dedicated staff, take after sales service very serious.

RBdoors have become leading manufactures in KZN north coast and specializing in domestic garage doors. We pride ourselves by using premium raw materials, supplied by the best in their industries. RBdoors can also refer you to the relevant suppliers should you require further clarifications on the quality of the products used on our doors.